Frequently Asked Questions

Scholarship Programmes

How do I apply for a Scholarship?

Students wishing to apply for a Scholarship should do so once they have been accepted by the University, for a course sponsored by the Foundation.

What is the deadline date for admission to Scholarships?

Deadline dates are specified on the website for each course.

Are applications being accepted after the deadline date?

Applications cannot be accepted after the deadline date.

Does the Foundation fund any other courses than those mentioned on the website?

The Foundation does not fund courses other than those mentioned on the website.

Is the Foundation flexible on dates when a student can complete his/her internship?

Internship periods are set as shown on the website. However the Foundation is prepared to discuss this on a case by case basis.

What exactly is expected of students during the internship?

During their Internship, students are required to work on a project which relates to one of the objectives of the Foundation. Students may also be required to work during their Internship with one of our partners.

What exactly is covered regarding travel and expenses during the internship?

Travel expenses from the University to Monaco for the Internship, together with accommodation and food expenses during the internship are paid for by the Foundation.

How are candidates chosen?

Candidates are chosen primarily based on their outstanding capabilities and merit.

What do you expect the students to do in return for the Scholarship?

The Foundation hopes to help people who aim to make a positive impact on the world; during their Internship, we expect them to spend two months with us working on a project related to one of the objectives of the Foundation.

Are prospective Scholarship recipients required to travel for an interview?

Prospective Scholarship recipients may be asked for a phone interview and in some cases to travel for an interview.

Is it possible to apply for a college other than Pembroke?

The Foundation is linked to Pembroke College for all students admitted to Cambridge University and awarded the Scholarship.


Although I am a non-Lebanese candidate; can I still apply to the Boustany Scholarships?

Candidates of all nationalities can apply to the Boustany Scholarship, although a priority is given to nationals of Lebanese descent.

I already have an MBA; can I still apply to the Boustany MBA Scholarship?

In view of the fact that you already hold an MBA degree, we unfortunately cannot consider you for the scholarship.


Will the Foundation fund other PhD courses in Astronomy or Philosophy at other top Universities?

The Foundation does not fund other PhD courses in Astronomy or Philosophy at other Universities.